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Questions and answers:
  1. How can I start my own enterprise within the confines of Life Division?
  2. At Life Division you can take all the advantage of the enterprise without investing and without taking the risk of starting and running an enterprise. After successfully completing the START-UP training and passing in, we will secure the basis for you.
  3. What kind of support, help do I receive at the beginning?
  4. If our future colleague meets the requirements but does not have any experiences yet, we will ease his first steps multiple times. After our basic training at the Life Division Academy you can learn the basics of the profession effectively and easily. After passing the exam all of our new colleagues will gain practical experience by learning from professional, specialized consultants.
  5. Do I have the chance to participate at the international training system of Life Division?
  6. Our trainings accompany the career path. The professional and consultancy knowledge of our colleagues will be systematically built up and updated at weekly and monthly held various programs. Communication skills are followed with particular attention. After achieving a higher position continuous gradual leader training is ensured. Specific programs provide for personality development.
  7. What does my progress depend on, if I intend to fill a leadership vacancy?
  8. The progress and the career at Life Division are completely based on objective facts. There is no place for luck and coincidence; everything is decided by means of meritocracy (justly).
  9. Can my income be planned at Life Division?
  10. If you possess the adequate attitude and are willing to learn and to progress, the trainings of Life Division Academy and the objective structure of the career system take care of your professional and financial improvement. The thoughtful product construction and the education of Life Division enable our colleagues to reach an outstanding (yet typical for this profession) income after completing the basic trainings and having some professional experience. Earnings grow proportionally with performance and position.
  11. What products are included in the offer of Life Division?
  12. Life Division exclusively adds such products of the financial market to its offer that are the most modern of their own kind - represent the innovative generation and possess a background that provides greater safety. This establishment makes our clients and colleagues stronger as well.
  13. What is the societal role of the financial consultant?
  14. The role of a financial consultant is more important in our rushing world and within the extraordinary economic changes than ever. The current pension system is already in the life of the young generation problematic in point of the individual and the public finances as well. It becomes harder and harder for the clients to choose the most suiting investment for their goals. s not only beneficial for the investors to keep the money flowing adequately but it also effects the international economic situation positively.
  15. Can I count on keeping in touch actively with the headquarters?
  16. Our work does not end with closing a contract. An important part of our service package is the telephone and online support. Phone calls will be answered by our helpful consultants. Depending on the character of the request, question they immediately react and delegate the task to the proper specialist of the given field.
Please, turn to our customer service division with trust!
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